another realm


the first story

Another Realm

 WHISPTOPIA, a compound word of “whisper” and “utopia”, means the good vision expressed between people with special or intimate relationship. Each collection will have specific story content, and different series of stories will be structured upon people from various cultural backgrounds and ages.

The style expresses a fusion aesthetic of classic and modern, low-key but with rich details, based on a story of fantasy and fictitious, presenting the product with the romantic design language and original printing design. So the brand uses mottled colors in printing design, especially in the first series, which included many elements of jungle plants, flowers and animals.

The first collection is called ANOTHER REALM

The elements are mainly from a world composed by non-existent, fantasy plants and animals, depicting a peaceful scene where the specific characters portrayed in the story appear in a unfrequented continent, with a lot of fantasy plants, animals and climate phenomenon around.

On September 7th, 1940, the German planes dropped a bomb while flying over London, and William, a 53-year-old newspaper editor, got off work as usual, who was just at the accident site, injured and went into a coma. He was taken to a London hospital. Soon when his wife Caroline arrived, the doctor told her, William might never wake up.

She began to feel frightened by the sudden German bombing outside the window.

In the bedside, Caroline took good care of William, who was still in a coma, through day and night, praying he could wake up. At the same time, the war trauma made her spoke to him about the beautiful utopia world when they fell in love 20 years ago, where there is no war, no human, but has a variety of animals and plants that never seen before and surrounded by beautiful scenery.

William didn't wake up, but he dreamed of the world that Caroline described in his ear...